End-to-end automation using Robot framework


Robot framework and required tools must be installed. Details of the robot framework requirements can be found here

How to Run automated tests using Robot framework

  1. Robot fwk and required tools must be installed
  2. Checkout the obbaa-test-automation code
  3. git clone checkout git@github.com:BroadbandForum/obbaa-test-automation.git
  4. checkout to the required branch. (ex. develop branch)
  5. Navigate to the obbaa-test-automation directory
  6. Run command make run-robot-tests (This will run all the tests in the sequential order)

  1. We shall be able to check the logs by opening the log.html file from a web browser.
  2. Run Specific tests
    • Run command make run-tagged-tests tag=abc(This command will run tests that has the tag named abc)
    • This way we need not touch the makefile for running specific test(s)

Note: by default, the docker compose files will pull the develop branch images from(dockerHub). If we want to use the local images to run the tests, we must update the docker-compose file (~/obbaa-test-automation/data/compose_data/docker-compose.yaml) with right image tags and start the test

Keyword Documentation:

Pre-requisites: Ensure that obbaa-test-automation repo is checked out

Updating KW Documentation:

Whenever someone makes any changes to the existing library files (~/obbaa-test-automation/library_files) or adds new files to the directory we must generate the documentation for the keywords.


cd obbaa-test-automation/library_files

~/obbaa-test-automation/library_files$ ./generate_kw_documents.sh

Note: if a new library file is added to the library_files directory, one must update the generate_kw_documents.sh script to include the newly added file.

libdoc docker_api.py ./docs/docker_api.html
libdoc netconf_api.py ./docs/netconf_api.html

libdoc abc.py ./docs/abc.html ? new entry to be added